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With every new project that you are embarking on comes the excitement of the final product, but to ensure that projects are handled in the correct and professional manner that you would expect there are key points that first need to be done before any project can start.

1. The project you want done is it going to add value to the property or is it going to ensure I keep the market related value of my property.

2. What is the budget I am willing to spend on this project to receive the best outcome.

3. Find a contractor

  • Is the contractor registered with any professional bodies?
  • Does the contractor carry insurance? If not you are liable should any disaster occur during the project.

4. Get an initial quote to ensure you are happy with the budget of the project

5. Once you are happy with the budget an architect can then draw up the relevant plans for municipal approval, Homeowners approval- (complex)

6. Once plans approved building can commence.

7. Builder to ensure inspections from local authority throughout the project are maintained.

8. Once building work is complete the following certificates will be required in order for occupancy certificate to be issued.

  1. Engineers certificate for building work, foundations, slabs, roof, plumbing etc.
  2. Roof engineers certificate for trusses and erection
  3. Electrical certificate
  4. Plumbing certificate

9. Hand over is then done once above is compliant.

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